Who All Need Offshore Marine Weather Forecasting?

The significance of offshore marine weather forecasting is known to all. All living beings are affected by weathers. Also, humans have gone far more than the basic facilities, there are industries, businesses and similar activities carried out on daily basis. Hence, offshore marine weather forecasting has become really important to one and all. Right from knowing the general weather conditions to knowing the dangerous weather conditions, everything can be tracked well before time with the use of national weather service radar and Doppler weather radar.

Offshore Marine Weather Forecasting

Let us see in details, what all types of businesses and companies need the information of weather in advance.

Renewable Energy Generation Companies

Companies that work on wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, etc. need to know the weather in advance. It is necessary for saving life and property losses. Also, generation of energy affects a lot due to weathers. By offshore marine weather forecasting in advance, safety and operational efficiency can be assured.


Oil & Gas Companies

These companies work in the seas and oceans. Dangerous weather conditions can be very harmful to them. All of their staff, resources and working can be destroyed if there are cyclones or similar conditions. Hence, they need this data.

Shipping industries

The shipping companies need to know offshore marine weather so that they can plan their shipping activities accordingly.


Media needs this information to publish and inform the people in general in form of news. The people can then plan their daily activities as per the weathers.

Agriculture and related companies- storage houses, etc.

The farmers need to decide agricultural activities like sowing, harrowing, plugging, etc. depending on the rains, sunny weather, etc. they decide which crop to plant when as per the offshore marine weather.

Aviation Companies

The flights that take off, must have complete information of weathers. If there are heavy rains, lightning, clouds, fog, etc. all can affect the aviation companies.

Fishing and marine companies

Offshore marine weather is very much necessary for fishing regulations and marine companies. Their business is fully dependent on weather conditions.


Offshore marine weather forecasting helps in better operational planning and hence better efficiency of the industries. It also reduces the costs that can occur due to downtime.  Hence, it is necessary to forecast any kind of weather conditions


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