How NOAA helps in safeguarding the life of US citizens?

As a country which is more prone to natural disasters than any other country on earth, USA needs to have advanced weather surveillance system. Every year citizens of United States have to suffer because of the numerous number of natural disasters. The damages can be controlled with the help of advanced weather surveillance technology. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a US surveillance agency which issues periodical weather reports for the safety of US citizens. NOAA weather reporting helps in minimizing the damages and safeguards the life of US citizens.

Galveston offshore weather conditions affect the various offshore operations such as exploration, construction, production etc. The offshore marine weather forecasts helps offshore operators in scheduling their activities and projects safely and efficiently.

National weather service (NWS), a branch of NOAA issues regular forecasts and warnings for citizens of  United States. It helps in safeguarding the life and property of the citizens.

The important activities by the NOAA are,

  1. Monitoring of weather with instruments and various data collection system
  2. Analysis of the data collected
  3. Prediction of future weather conditions based on the analysis of the data
  4. Providing timely and accurate weather information to citizens
  5. Daily weather forecasts, storm warnings, and ocean climate monitoring for fisheries management

The weather reports and the warnings issued help US citizens and businesses to prepare for emergency situations in advance. This potentially reduces the risk on human life as well as economic losses. National Weather Service a branch of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also looks after safety procedures, emergency response and educational activities regarding emergency weather situations. NWS also promotes an activity ‘Be a Force of Nature’ which encourages US citizens to know the risk involved, take necessary action and be an example for the society. The collaboration program by NWS allows the active participation of the US citizens in various safety measures for emergency situations. The programmes by NWS such as SKYWARN, WRN Ambassador where individuals and organizations are trained for reporting and response procedures for hazardous weather conditions.

NOAA weather services has successfully helped to control the potential damages occurring because of the emergency weather situations.

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