How Development of Doppler Radar helped USA’s Weather Monitoring System

The radar technology developed during the World War Two is been used as the basis for the

development of doppler weather radar. The weather radar or doppler weather radar is

used in weather monitoring system for the estimating the type of precipitation such as rain,

snow, hail etc. It also helps in locating the precipitation and calculate its motion. NOAA’s

National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) has played a major role in development of modern

weather radar.

Offshore marine weather

National Weather Service:

The national weather service or NWS is weather monitoring government agency and a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which regularly issues weather forecasts and warnings of hazardous weather. The advanced  doppler weather monitoring system helps NWS to analyse the weather accurately. The NWS makes sure that the US citizens get timely and accurate weather forecasts and warnings. This helps them to be prepared in advance for any kind of hazardous weather situations. National Weather Service also conducts various educational activities to increase the awareness of the US citizens about hazardous weather situation response procedures. The various programmes such as SKYWARN conducted by the NWS facilitates the active participation of citizens in monitoring the weather situations and emergency response procedures. The timely and accurate weather forecasts help in fishing regulations and manage the fishing activities.

The weather forecasts helps in management of offshore construction and manufacturing activities. The National Weather Service Radar system helps citizens, planning authorities, emergency managers and decision makers with ontime and accurate weather reports.

Fishing Regulations:

These regulations ensure that the adequate fishing exists in the future. There are different regulations according to Federal and state system anyone who wants to take up fishing activity needs to have license for that. A saltwater endorsement needs to be obtained for fishing in  coastal waters. Fishing license is not required for waters completely enclosed by the state park and for privately owned lakes and parks. The cutting edge technology and high tech instrumentation used in doppler weather radar helps the US weather monitoring agencies in weather forecasts and prevents major emergency situations such as economic loss and loss of human life.

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