Olden Ways to Predict NOAA weather Services

In olden days, when there were no NOAA weather services and national weather service radar for detecting accurate weathers, people had their own techniques to detect atmospheric conditions. Nature gives us so many hints in so many ways. In olden days, the offshore marine weather was detected by reading the sky, the animals and our own bodies as well. We were so much connected to nature then. So, in this blog, let us have a look at a few ways, in which the olden people predicted the upcoming weathers.

NOAA weather Services

Cloud Predictions for offshore marine weather

  • Dark and puffy clouds that look as if hanging from the parent clouds are a sign of thunderstorms.
  • Cumulus clouds which look as if some explosion in the sky forecast that there may be showers in the day after a few hours
  • The clouds that look heavy, dark and hang at a very low height (Nimbostratus) show that it is surely going to rain
  • If the clouds are at a high height, then the weather is fair.

Sky Reading for offshore marine weather

  • If the sky is reddish during the sunset, it means there are dust particles in the air. It is sure that wind will follow, but it won’t rain. Similarly, red sky in the morning indicates that the rains have already left you.
  • If there is a ring seen around the moon at night, then, within next 3 days, there are chances of rain or snow.
  • If you find rainbows in the sky, look at their direction. A rainbow in the west says moisture is going to follow. A rainbow in the east indicates that rain has already left your place.


  • Usually, the flowers smell much stronger than usual, when rains are going to arrive.
  • The smell of earth and compost also is a sign of upcoming rains.

Animal Observations for offshore marine weather

  • When the weathers are fair, the birds fly higher in the sky.
  • Cats are seen as clearing their ears before it rains.
  • If the cattle lie down in a group or they move to a corner in a field, then severe storms can be expected.
  • The frogs get louder as it rains more.

Thus, in olden days, people were much conscious and connected to nature. These simple evidence made the news of weather for them when NOAA weather services and national weather service radar were not discovered. Life was simple. If you observe these points in nature, even you will be able to predict the offshore marine weather with ease.

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Why Is NOAA Weather So Significant For Businesses?

Well, offshore marine weather forecasting or NOAA weather forecasting has become very important nowadays. The technology has grown so much that accurate measurement of weather is possible. One can be aware and plan all the activities depending on the weather. Right from daily activities to dangerous weather conditions, everything is determined in advance.

NOAA Weather For Businesses

Let us see in details about the significance of offshore marine weather forecasting in various businesses and which businesses get affected due to weather?

Farming companies

In most countries, the farming industry is dependent on weather. In rainy seasons, heavy rains can cause huge losses. Also, if the rains arrive late, then farmers can plan the sowing, plugging, harrowing activities accordingly. In summers, too much hot weather can be harmful to many crops. The farmers can harvest the crops early or later depending on the weather.

Offshore marine weather affects Fishing Industries

Fishing activities are hugely dependent on the weather. If there is some bad weather, fishermen can remain safe on that day. Also, there are weathers when fishes come to the top, which is a good time for fishing. Also, there are some particular type of fishes, that come out in particular weathers.

Oil & Gas Companies

Mostly, oil and gas companies are located in oceans and seas. So, bad weathers can cost them with huge losses. Weather information can help them be aware in advance and plan their activities accordingly.

Airlines are badly affected by NOAA weather

Bad weathers like heavy rains, thunderstorm, strong winds, etc. can be very harmful to the aviation industry. So, any airline company must have complete information of the weather.

Tourism industries

Usually, tourism involves places like hill stations, oceanic views, riversides, etc. and all are dependent upon the transport. If the weather is not suitable, they have to cancel the plans and can face heavy losses.

Renewable Energy Generation Companies

These companies need to know the information about winds, tides, waters, sun, etc. as they are totally dependent upon them for energy generation. Hence, NOAA weather forecasting is of great importance in these companies.

Thus, NOAA weather forecasting is very important part of many industries. Better planning is possible and then, the businesses can refrain from heavy losses in future.

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How NOAA helps in safeguarding the life of US citizens?

As a country which is more prone to natural disasters than any other country on earth, USA needs to have advanced weather surveillance system. Every year citizens of United States have to suffer because of the numerous number of natural disasters. The damages can be controlled with the help of advanced weather surveillance technology. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a US surveillance agency which issues periodical weather reports for the safety of US citizens. NOAA weather reporting helps in minimizing the damages and safeguards the life of US citizens.

Galveston offshore weather conditions affect the various offshore operations such as exploration, construction, production etc. The offshore marine weather forecasts helps offshore operators in scheduling their activities and projects safely and efficiently.

National weather service (NWS), a branch of NOAA issues regular forecasts and warnings for citizens of  United States. It helps in safeguarding the life and property of the citizens.

The important activities by the NOAA are,

  1. Monitoring of weather with instruments and various data collection system
  2. Analysis of the data collected
  3. Prediction of future weather conditions based on the analysis of the data
  4. Providing timely and accurate weather information to citizens
  5. Daily weather forecasts, storm warnings, and ocean climate monitoring for fisheries management

The weather reports and the warnings issued help US citizens and businesses to prepare for emergency situations in advance. This potentially reduces the risk on human life as well as economic losses. National Weather Service a branch of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also looks after safety procedures, emergency response and educational activities regarding emergency weather situations. NWS also promotes an activity ‘Be a Force of Nature’ which encourages US citizens to know the risk involved, take necessary action and be an example for the society. The collaboration program by NWS allows the active participation of the US citizens in various safety measures for emergency situations. The programmes by NWS such as SKYWARN, WRN Ambassador where individuals and organizations are trained for reporting and response procedures for hazardous weather conditions.

NOAA weather services has successfully helped to control the potential damages occurring because of the emergency weather situations.

Who All Need Offshore Marine Weather Forecasting?

The significance of offshore marine weather forecasting is known to all. All living beings are affected by weathers. Also, humans have gone far more than the basic facilities, there are industries, businesses and similar activities carried out on daily basis. Hence, offshore marine weather forecasting has become really important to one and all. Right from knowing the general weather conditions to knowing the dangerous weather conditions, everything can be tracked well before time with the use of national weather service radar and Doppler weather radar.

Offshore Marine Weather Forecasting

Let us see in details, what all types of businesses and companies need the information of weather in advance.

Renewable Energy Generation Companies

Companies that work on wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, etc. need to know the weather in advance. It is necessary for saving life and property losses. Also, generation of energy affects a lot due to weathers. By offshore marine weather forecasting in advance, safety and operational efficiency can be assured.


Oil & Gas Companies

These companies work in the seas and oceans. Dangerous weather conditions can be very harmful to them. All of their staff, resources and working can be destroyed if there are cyclones or similar conditions. Hence, they need this data.

Shipping industries

The shipping companies need to know offshore marine weather so that they can plan their shipping activities accordingly.


Media needs this information to publish and inform the people in general in form of news. The people can then plan their daily activities as per the weathers.

Agriculture and related companies- storage houses, etc.

The farmers need to decide agricultural activities like sowing, harrowing, plugging, etc. depending on the rains, sunny weather, etc. they decide which crop to plant when as per the offshore marine weather.

Aviation Companies

The flights that take off, must have complete information of weathers. If there are heavy rains, lightning, clouds, fog, etc. all can affect the aviation companies.

Fishing and marine companies

Offshore marine weather is very much necessary for fishing regulations and marine companies. Their business is fully dependent on weather conditions.


Offshore marine weather forecasting helps in better operational planning and hence better efficiency of the industries. It also reduces the costs that can occur due to downtime.  Hence, it is necessary to forecast any kind of weather conditions